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Live your life on purpose

Invest in your own future and
help make the world a better place

Helping people establish and run their own holistic therapist training organizations is what we do. We have been doing it for a long time now, and we are extremely good at it! 
We can provide you with everything you need to open and successfully run your own industry accredited holistic training organization

We provide all the award-winning practitioner training courses, resources, ongoing support, training and even guide you in setting up your new business.

We can help you create a beautiful lifestyle, a great income, work the hours you choose and, best of all, you can help thousands of people live happier and healthier lives.

We make it so simple! 

Step One 

You decide which program you would like to teach. The Meditation Teachers, Holistic Counsellors and Coaches Programs or the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapies Practitioner Program. Or both! 

Step Two

Meet with Isabelle on Zoom. Get answers to your questions and discuss how the program works.

Step Three

We email you the intellectual property licensing agreement. It is a straightforward agreement that allows each party to understand what to expect from each other. This is the time to pay your licensing fee and secure your new business.

Step Four

Once all the formalities are out of the way, you will be welcomed to our exclusive social media group where you can connect with other training providers, receive notifications about training events and get resources, inspiration and support.

Step Five

Your Training Providers Induction Program starts now!  We will guide and support you to start building your business. From registering your business name to creating your website, social media pages and advertising, we will guide you step-by-step. You can take what you need and if you are more advanced and already running your own business you will be able to skip some steps too.

Step Six

As you work through the program you will be building and developing your holistic training organization. Everything you learn will be immediately applicable. You will be able to open your new training organization and start taking enrolments very soon (usually 6 weeks from your start date). That means you could be taking enrolments and collecting enrolment fees in as little as 6 weeks from now!
We can help you become a success story too! 

So many great success stories 

Ultimately your success is up to you but you can be sure we will be doing everything we can to help. 
  • We have over 22 training providers delivering our courses all over the world. 
  • Some have been with us since we started this program six years ago.
  • Most new training providers move from being an employee to being fully self-employed in their own business within six months to a year. 
  • One of our training providers resigned and so did her husband within a year of starting their college, they now both work on their college and live on their yacht.
  • One of our new training providers took 70 enrolments in her first intake. 
  • One of our training providers (see below) took around 350 students last year. 

Follow your passion and live an abundant life with the freedom to create prosperity and a perfect work/life balance. 

If you feel called to make a positive difference in the world and you want to help people live happier and healthier lives this may be the perfect opportunity for you. 

Well trained, ethical, holistic wellness practitioners have never been needed more than right now! 
Together we really can make a difference. 

Meet two of our wonderful training providers below. 

We will help you gain all the skills you need to succeed 

We provide a three-month training program to help you get set up. 

By the end of the program, you will have completely established your own holistic training organisation.

You will be licensed to deliver the internationally industry approved and award-winning Mind-Body Education training courses, and you will have completed your certificate in Holistic Training and Assessment and the Certificate in Holistic Teacher and Therapist Training.

You will have your own business with a website, social media platforms and other business requirements, like legal documentation, logos, enrolments forms, etc., all set up and ready to go. 

We will provide you with a course delivery dashboard full of fantastic, high-demand, industry approved training courses and ongoing support to help you succeed.

Following our tried and tested program will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in establishing your own, industry-approved holistic training organization.

While it will be completely your own business (not a franchise or a branch) we will be there whenever you need support, connection, skills development or guidance. 

Below is what two of our Training Providers posted on their social media pages. 

Our training providers love teaching our courses

We love watching our training providers succeed

What your training providers package includes

An amazing amount of value that we are continually developing and building on
All of the course materials are easily accessible for you and your students through your online course delivery portal. The delivery platform is branded to match your business and we keep the technology simple. 
You will have access to a wide variety of resources to help you establish your training organization, develop your entrepreneurial skills, market your courses and much more. You even receive guides and templates to make assessing coursework easy.  
Induction Program
This 12-week program will guide you in setting up your new training organization. From developing your website to creating social media platforms, the legalities and setting up your first marketing campaign. 
See the details below. 
Teacher Training Program
This program will equip you to deliver the courses, support students and confidently complete coursework assessments.
See the details below. 
We are committed to supporting you and passionate about your success. You can contact us whenever you need us. 
We also provide a live Zoom meeting every fortnight to help keep you informed, motivated and connected. 
Our training providers' social media community is a great way to stay connected with industry news, and up to date information. Community is an important ingredient for success and it's great knowing you have your own business but you don't have to go it alone. 
IICT  & IMTTA  Membership
We pay your first year's membership with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and organize your membership application. We also provide you with free membership to the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association. 
Workshops & Masterclasses
We hold regular workshops and masterclasses to help you develop your skills and gain new tools in all sorts of important topics from marketing, advertising and sales to managing difficult students and building safe learning environments. 
A Journey
We are blessed to work closely with so many beautiful, heart centred, passionate people. If you are ready for a life-changing Journey and an absolutely amazing career, this is for you.  
Mind Body Education

Training Providers Induction Program

Totally online 
15 hours per week x 12 weeks
Guidance in setting up your business
Registering your business name
Choosing or creating your logo
Building your website - we make it easy!
Learn to create Jotforms for your website (enrolment forms, contact forms etc.)
Learn to use Paypal and Stripe for online payments
Get help to set up student payment plan programs
Learn how to use Facebook for business to build your community and advertise your courses.
Explore Social Media Marketing
Learn to use Instagram
Learn to use LinkedIn
Learn how to use Zoom to deliver your classes and workshops. Exploring marketing ideas and setting up your first advertising campaign. 
Mind Body Education

Teacher Training Program

Part One
Complete the Certificate in Holistic Training and Assessment (17 x one-hour modules).

This short course will help you develop the skill and confidence to deliver professional level, practitioner training courses in an online, on-campus and Zoom environment.

Part Two
Mind Body Education Teacher Training Program (one hour video for each module you will be delivering).

This program is made up of video lectures covering the course delivery and the assessment process for each module you will be teaching. It is designed to bring out the best and most capable teacher in you. You will develop confidence, professional training and assessment skills, a thorough knowledge of the courses you will be teaching and an understanding of how to assess your students' course work.

Even though it is totally your own business you will never feel lost or alone. We are right here to support and guide you whenever you need us

So much support!

During your induction program and after, for years to come, we will be providing you with opportunities to gain new skills and resources to help you grow your business and support you, whenever you need us.

You can join the exclusive Facebook group to connect with your fellow training providers, ask questions and get answers from the course creators and the program director.

The Facebook support group will provide you with information, advice, inspiration, and connection to community.

Connection to a community is a vital ingredient to help you stay motivated and assist you to grow your business. 

We also provide live Zoom sessions every two weeks,  where you can get answers to any questions you may have. 

There is also a resource library full of information and resources you can access anytime. 

Naturally, you can email us any time you have a question or need support.
Mind Body Education
Mind Body Education

Associations and Recognition 

Our professional practitioner training courses are internationally recognized, industry accredited and award-winning. 

Course graduates can practice legally and get insurance in 27 countries around the world.

Your training organisation will be approved by the IICT, and we will pay your first years membership fees for you.

You and your graduates will also be able to join several other important industry associations and get professional insurance.
Mind Body Education
Mind Body Education

The Intellectual Property License Agreement

The Intellectual Property License Agreement provides you with the legal right to deliver the Mind Body Education training programs. 

It is a simple and legally binding document that ensures you and the managing director of Mind Body Education both know exactly what to expect from each other. It protects your investment. It is very straightforward and easy to read. 

Your license agreement allows you to establish your training organisation, and it lasts for 15 months. You can begin trading as an independent holistic training provider and offering the Mind Body Education training courses as soon as your intellectual property license agreement commences. Your training package will commence at the same time.

It usually takes three months to complete the induction program and get your business all set up. You can start taking enrolments and running classes as soon as you have your business established. 

Once your intellectual property license agreement expires (after 15 months), you will be able to renew your license to continue using the Mind Body Education Program and grow your business. Future licenses are renewable every 12 months. You will continue to receive a huge amount of support, resources and connection to the community.  
Mind Body Education
Mind Body Education

Delivering Your Training Courses

Online training licenses include an online course delivery platform to make gaining access to the course materials easy for your students and receiving their coursework submissions simple for you.

You must live in the country your license is for, and you can take enrolments from all over the world.

You can also teach in a classroom environment in your own locality. That may be your state, province or country, depending on where you live. 

You can run as many classes or training retreats in as many different locations as you wish throughout your area. 

You can teach all the classes yourself or contract other teachers to run different campuses for you in a variety of locations. 
Choose the training program you would most like to teach. 

Available Training Packages

Mind Body Education

Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor and Empowerment Coaches Training Program.

This massive bundle of courses includes a 12-week foundation course and over 20 professional development courses. 
Mind Body Education

Diploma in Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist Program

This wildly creative and powerful healing modality is delivered over six months with one class per week on-campus or over forty weeks online. 


Online licenses are limited by country according to the population to ensure the greatest possible chance of success. The following licenses are currently available. 
Mind Body Education
The Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor and Empowerment Coach Program

Queensland x 1
Victoria x 1
Northern Territory x 1
ACT x 1 

There are no more licenses left in South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales or Western Australia


Sorry, no online licenses are available. 

New Zealand
Sorry - all gone. 

United Kingdom
Yes - there is limited availability 

Yes there is one more license available in Canada

United States of America 
Yes - there is availability 

Other Countries
Yes - there is availability in various countries around the world. Please check with us to see if your area is available

Mind Body Education
Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Program

New South Wales x 2
Victoria x 1
Northern Territory x 1
ACT x 1

There are no HICAT licenses left for Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania or Western Australia.


Sorry, no online licenses are available.

New Zealand
Sorry, no online licenses are available.

United Kingdom

Yes - there is limited availability
There are no licenses left in Ireland or Scotland.

Yes there is limited availability

United States of America
Yes - there is limited availability 

Other Countries
Yes - there is availability in various countries around the world. Please check with us to see if your area is available 

Do I need to have completed the training course myself before delivering the program?

No. The program is structured in such a way that it can be delivered by someone who has not completed the course. However, training providers can enrol in and complete any training courses with Mind-Body Education for free. So you can study while you teach if you want to. 

After paying my license fee, what percentage of my profits will I need to pay Mind Body Education each year?

None! You only need to pay your annual license fee. There are no extra fees. Your business is your own, and we do not ask you about how much money you make.

Will you tell me what to charge for my courses?

Your training organization is your own business. It is not a franchise or a branch. You can decide what to charge for your programs yourself. We suggest keeping your course fees in the vicinity of the other MBE training providers, who you can find here
Mind Body Education

Will I own the courses?

No the Intellectual Property License agreement is a bit like leasing the courses. Your annual license fee gives you the right to deliver the courses through your own training organization for the duration of the agreement. Unlike many other similar programs, we also provide you with a lot of extra resources and loads of support to help you succeed.

How much money can I expect to make each year?

Our training providers mostly make between AUD70,000 and AUD600,000 a year, depending on which licenses they have and where they teach. We can help you plan to create the income you want.

Why should I use MBE programs?

The Mind Body Education (MBE) Holistic Therapist Training programs are the accumulation of more than thirty years of experience. They are all evidence-based and have been tried and tested, with thousands of students have completed the course through dozens of independent training providers. The hard work, huge expense, hoop-jumping, mistake making and award-winning have all been done for you, saving you hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and several pretty bad headaches. 

Program Fee
Online License

The Program fee includes your first 15-month intellectual property license. At the end of those 15 months, your intellectual property license agreement renewal fee will be $20,000 (Australian dollars) per year. 

You can find a currency converter HERE 

Fees for Australian on-campus only licenses are $10,000 plus GST. 

Fees are provided in Australian dollars 
  • All training to assist you in setting up and running your own Holistic Training Organization.
  • 15-month training providers license, allowing you to deliver the training program through your own Holistic Training Organization
  • Access to all course materials and resources through your own course providers dashboard.
  • Ongoing support and professional development workshops. 
Behind every amazing holistic therapist, there is a truly awesome training provider, we can help make that be you. 

Is this the right opportunity for you?

Do you think this might be exactly what you have been waiting for? 
  • Are you ready to step into the next exciting phase of your life?
  • Do you want a life filled with abundance, freedom and purpose?
  • Is it time you earned the income you really deserve and worked the hours you choose?
  • Do you want to have a positive impact on other people's lives?
  • Are you willing to invest in yourself? 

What to do next

If you feel aligned with this opportunity, please complete the information request form below. We will be in touch to arrange a time that suits you for a chat with Isabelle. 

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Mind Body Education

Meet some of our Training Providers

We have more than 22 Independent Training Providers, who use our industry accredited holistic therapies training programs to make an income, create fantastic lifestyles and help hundreds (even thousands) of people to live happier and healthier lives. 

Some of our Training Providers have been with us since we started offering this program over five years ago. 

You can meet some of our Training providers here