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This is where you can explore some of our graduates' creative works that represent their personal journey through the Diploma in Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy.
This review and beautifully handcrafted piece is from one of our international students located in India. 

A student review 

Honestly, it is hard to define my experiences in words of 9 months HICAT journey. 😊 But I am sharing here as much as I can. I had started my HICAT Diploma Course on 23rd November 2020. As I continued my learning over time I noticed a few beautiful things growing in me personally and professionally. This course has been designed in such an amazing way, where anyone can access it very smoothly by staying in any part of the world and its fully online program. The HICAT Course has very powerful positive impacts on personal and professional life. Throughout of whole 20 modules, a HICAT practitioner first learns different therapeutic arts modalities with many practical activities and does self-work (self-healing) throughout the course. In the end, the HICAT Diploma Course Practitioner gets the foundational level of marketing ideas with the HICAT certificate, where they can start providing holistic integrated creative arts therapy and support to students and clients with earning the amount they wish for. It has brought many positive changes in my life and I am loving this.
Jackies Journey 


This review, lovely painting and gorgeous sculpture from one of our wonderful students. 

A student review 

Thank you for an incredible journey into the world of Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy and self.

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