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Where heart-centered holistic business blends with intelligent marketing solutions.

This is where you can transform your business, grow your income, develop skills for success and learn new ways to help hundreds of people live happier,  healthier lives! 

Marketing Solutions for Holistic Business that are -
Ethical -
In line with the level of authenticity and honesty, with which we want to live our lives and run our businesses.
Successful - Actually works to reach the exact people who really need our services and are ready to invest in what we have to offer.
Simple - We are healers and teachers, not marketing experts. We don't want complex methodologies. 
Fun - We work in our passion. We are the kind of people who know success comes with enjoying our work so it has to be fun! 

Just imagine what your business would look like - what your life would be like - if you were attracting all of the clients to your private sessions and all the participants to your programs you could possibly handle. That is what good marketing can do for you. 
Meet our Holistic Marketing Team

The Perfect Combination! 

Isabelle and John are the perfect team to help you take your well-being business into a new paradigm. 

Johns's decades of marketing experience along with Isabelle's thirty years in the holistic wellbeing industry is a unique combination that can help you learn industry-appropriate marketing skills and processes to change the way you have been working on your marketing. 
Isabelle Cunningaham
Isabelle has been studying, teaching, and working within the holistic wellbeing industry since 1987. Her first holistic therapies training college, Inner-Voyage, was established in 2008 and Isabelle has trained more than 2000 people to become industry-recognized holistic therapists. 

In 2016 Isabelle began assisting other people to establish and run their own Holistic Therapist Training Organization using her industry-accredited training courses. 

Isabelle is dedicated to helping others develop heart-centered businesses so they can live their passion and help others live happier and healthier lives. 

John McCabe
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The Marketing & Message video series is a FREE Video Series that reveals strategies to help with your marketing message so you can start attracting more clients

Here's What You'll Learn From The Marketing & Message video series.
  • Day 1 - Identify Your 3 Message Pillars so you can create messages that resonate with your ideal target audience.
  • Day 2 - Identifying Your Ideal Target Audience so you understand where they are now, their pains, struggles, and their desired outcome.
  • Day 3 - 3 Copywriting Strategies to help you create better copy that will resonate with your prospects.
  • Day 4 - 6 Step Video Structure, which will help you create educational videos you can post on social media to attract more prospects
  • Day 5 - Next Steps to growing your business, attracting more prospects, and making more money.

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