Mind-Body Therapy

The Certificate in Mind-Body Therapy

Prerequisite: No previous qualifications or experience required.
Course duration: 12 months  (40 units = 400 hours) 
Delivery mode:  Online - Study from home at times that suit you.
High support: Weekly live Zoom master classes to attend or watch the replays if you cannot attend.
Connection with your teachers and fellow students through the exclusive class Facebook page.
Email your teacher whenever you need support or guidance. 
Study time:  10 hours per week. 
Total Course Fee: AUD $2,200 -paid in full (includes GST) Student fee loans and fee payment plans are available. 

Placement in this course is limited.
This course is evidence-based and non-sectarian.
Graduates can obtain professional insurance and join professional associations such as the IICT, CMA, IPHM and IMTTA.

Good health is a fundamental human right.
Learn how to obtain it for yourself and help others achieve it too

Looking for a purposeful career in line with your passion?

Do you want a beautiful career helping other people to get well, stay well and live happier lives?

Do you want to work in an ethical, evidence-based industry that is in high demand?

Do you want to earn an excellent income, choose the hours and location you work and be your own boss?

If you want to add powerful modalities to your existing career or begin a new career in holistic therapies. this course will provide you with a science-based education that connects mind, body and spirit to help your dreams come true while you help hundreds of other people live happier, healthier lives. 

Why Mind-Body Therapy?

The brain and body are connected through neural pathways made up of neurotransmitters, hormones and chemicals. 

These pathways transmit signals between the body and the brain to control our everyday functions, from breathing, digestion and pain sensations to movement, thinking and feeling. 

Mind-Body Therapy provides a vast set of tools, understandings and techniques that work to alter the hormones and chemicals to change the message and regenerate cells, returning the body to its healthy natural state. 

 Mind-Body Therapy has a focus on stress reduction and is often successfully incorporated into chronic pain rehabilitation programs, used as a complementary therapy to support medical treatment and utilized to heal illness and bring about lasting good health to the mind, body and spirit. 

What does a Mind-Body Therapist do?

Stress is recognised as being a significant contributor to physical, mental and emotional illness.  It plays a huge role in depression and anxiety, relationship breakdown, suicide and many social issues. 

While a person is in the stress response, the immune system is disabled and rational thinking is limited, blood pressure and heart rate increase,  breathing becomes shallow, and digestion is slowed down or stops completely. These are just a few of the bodies stress responses that are known to cause serious illness over the long term and which many people experience much of the time.  

While a person is in the stress response it is not possible for any healing to occur no matter what medical or holistic treatment is applied. In order to get well, a person must move beyond the stress response into the relaxation response and the rest and repair state, where new healthy cells are formed. 

Mind-Body therapies work to change a person's mental or emotional state by using education, tools, skills, exercises and new habits to take the body from a state of tension into a state of relaxation.

A Mind-Body Therapist sees clients who wish to change their lifestyles and develop new, self-empowering skills to change some aspect of their health or their lifestyles or both. 

The therapist may connect with clients through facilitating workshops, running courses and classes or private consultations. 

Mind-Body Therapists use a wide variety of techniques and healing modalities to guide and support the client in recognising their problem and understanding the cause of the problem. They present the client with information and guidance in adopting hew lifestyle habits, practices and procedures that place the client in charge of their own healing journey.  

A Mind-Body Therapist could be considered a guide or a teacher as they educate the client in why and how to use the healing modalities for themselves rather than apply the treatments to the client. In this way, the Mind-Body Therapist facilitates a proactive, self-empowering healing journey for their client. 

Course Content

Stress Management
Breath Therapy
Meditation Therapy
Autonomic Nervous System
Positive Holistic Psychology
Self-applied Mio Facial Triggeroint Therapy
Holistic Counselling Skills for Mind-Body Therapists
Tools for business success.

This course will also prepare you for planning workshops, facilitating groups and help you develop teaching skills.
We will also explore diagnosis and creating treatment plans with your clients. 

Stress Management

Understanding the cause and effects of stress and stress management techniques. 

Stress is now recognized as the precursor to the three major diseases that cause premature death. 

Stress alters the bodies hormones and neurochemicals and affects the environment cells grow and regenerate in.

Almost all physical, mental and emotional disease has its roots in or is exasperated by stress, It is certain that healing is not possible while the body remains in the stress response. 

Breath Therapy

Learning the health effects of incorrect breathing, practising breathing exercises and developing skills to use the breath to improve mental and physical health. 

The effects of habitual incorrect breathing on the body, including shallow breathing and mouth breathing, are only outweighed by the enormity of the astounding positive effects learning and developing correct breathing techniques has on improving mental and physical health. 

Meditation Therapy

Learning to choose and use meditation styles that best suit the individual's personality, lifestyle, and unique learning style to effect changes in how the individual reacts to stress and manages stress.

The inclusion of a simple meditation or mindfulness routine into a person's day will have measurable effects very quickly.

The most important aspect of teaching meditation is in choosing the correct style. The wrong style can put a person off meditation forever.

The correct style will offer them massive, lifelong positive health results. 

Autonomic Nervous System

 The Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for determining which neurochemicals are released into our bodies; these chemicals create the physical environment our cells form and live in. 

This unit examines the link between the way we chose to think (our perception), the neurochemicals those mental states determine, and how chemical imbalances cause disease. 

Explore the scientific link between mind and body to develop a deeper understanding of why what we think influences our level of physical wellbeing in practical terms.

Discover how changing our thinking process will dramatically improve our physical health. 

Positive Holistic Psychology 

Positive Psychology emphasizes and focuses on the positive influences in a person's life.

These might include character strengths, optimistic emotions, and constructive institutions, to help develop positive mindsets and reprogram the tendency toward negative thinking.

Learning positive life skills such as gratitude journaling, using affirmations, developing positive communication techniques, exploring expressive therapies, goal setting and other self-empowering practices, empowers people to develop healthy thinking habits, 

Positive thinking has a direct impact on our physical, emotional and mental health as well as factors in our lives like our relationships and careers, 

Self-applied Mio Facial Triggeroint Therapy

There is growing evidence that most of our common aches and pains, and many other puzzling physical complaints, are caused by trigger points, or small contraction knots, in the muscles of the body. Pain clinic doctors skilled at detecting and treating trigger points have found that they are the primary cause of pain roughly 75% of the time and are at least a part of virtually every pain problem. Self-applied trigger point massage works by accomplishing three things: (1) it breaks into the chemical and neurological feedback loop that maintains the myofascial contraction; (2) it increases circulation that has been restricted by the contracted tissue; and (3) it directly stretches the trigger point's knotted muscle fibres. With self-applied trigger point massage, myofascial pain can usually be eliminated within three to ten days. Even long-standing chronic conditions can be significantly improved in as little as six weeks.

Holistic Counselling Skills for Mind-Body Therapists

Holistic counselling skills are essential for any holistic therapists, so they can support their clients through any confusing or painful issues that may arise during their healing journey. 

Holistic counsellors do not make a diagnosis or give their clients advice. They are trained to hold a safe space for the client while using techniques such as active listening, open and closed questioning, minimal encourages and other skills to support the client in expressing and working through their issues. 

Tools for Business Success

This course also includes teachings to help you get your own holistic wellbeing practice set up and taking bookings. 

There is information on getting insurance, joining associations and other legalities along with small business management, building social media communities and marketing techniques.


Mind-Body Therapy is an industry regulated modality.

This course is internationally industry-recognized and approved.

Graduates can obtain professional insurance and join professional associations including the IICT, CMA, IPHM and IMTTA.

 Mind Body Education, established in 2008, is an internationally award-winning training provider for professional holistic therapists.

Course Commencement Date

January 2022 

Enrollments open September 30th 2021 
Course Fees

Paid in full on enrolment AUD $2,200  (includes GST). 

Student Fee Loan & Payment Plans (Available to approved applicants)

Course Outcomes 

Get ready to embark on an exciting career! 
Graduates receive the Certificate in Mind-Body Therapy and can join the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and the Complementary Medical Association and get professional insurance. 

 You will also be provided with a full year of free membership to the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association. 

 You will graduate with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to set up your own Holistic Therapy Practice; run workshops, work with groups and see individual clients, in either general practice or specialising in specific areas of interest, if you wish. 

 You may also be able to seek employment within some organisations that value holistic and complementary therapies. 

This is a professional, practical training course where you will explore a wide range of holistic therapies while learning the essentials of working as a Mind-Body Therapist, in a safe, extremely supportive and fun-filled environment, with a highly experienced holistic therapist trainer. 

All information is evidence-based and will prepare you for a professional career. This course is also suitable for personal development.