Online Business Development Course

Start an Online Holistic Therapies Business Offering Consultations and Workshops 

Are you qualified (or will be soon) as a holistic therapist and wondering how to get your business started online? 

Adapt Your Current Holistic Therapies Practice to Offer Online Consultations and Workshops.  

Do you want to be able to attract clients for your practice and/or participants in your courses and workshops from all over the world? 

We Can Help You to Help Other People Live Happier, Healthier Lives. 

We have been successfully operating as an online business in the holistic wellbeing industry for over 12 years! 
We help people, just like you,  achieve their dreams of becoming a successful holistic therapist every day. 

The Online Business Development Course For Holistic Therapists. 

In order to thrive, we must adapt to where 
we find ourselves right now. 

Learn how to take your holistic wellbeing business completely online. 

You won't be affected by lockdowns ever again. 

You will be able to attract clients from all over the world

You will be able to help many more people than you ever could in a face-2-face practice

Your business will have the chance to thrive regardless of the current global situation

Holistic Healers and Wellbeing Teachers have never been needed more than now - make yourself accessible. 

One hour webinar on Zoom every Monday for 12 weeks.

You will be provided with information, guidance, instructions and new skills to help you set up your holistic therapies practice to operate completely online.

Step-by-step from concept to business launch!

Each week you will be provided with tasks to complete that will help you:
*Create your business plan
*Set up your social media platforms
*Develop your website 
*Build an online network (tribe, community)
*Learn to use Zoom to run workshops, classes, meetings and consultations. 
*Learn to create and post short training and marketing videos. 
*Set up your online payment platforms
*Design your consultations
*Design and develop e-courses and online workshops 
*Create booking, enrolment and registration systems 
* Design and deliver fantastic marketing campaigns
* Plan your online business launch! 

The weekly meetings will help you stay motivated and on track. 

The Zoom meetings will be recorded and posted on the exclusive Facebook group so you can watch them as often as you wish and never miss out if you can't make it. 

Exclusive Facebook group.

You will be able to connect with your peers and trainers to share your highs and lows, struggles and triumphs!

You can get advice and guidance, ask questions, get answers and feel supported as you work toward your end result… your own holistic therapies practice, ready to start taking bookings, completely online. 

Each day a new task will be posted on this page for you to complete. The tasks will only take you a short time and form steppingstones toward you getting your business all set up and ready to start earning you an online income. There will be no new tasks on the weekends. That time is for rest or catching up. 

 You can keep in touch through this exclusive group, even after your course is complete, to receive support and motivation while you run your online holistic wellbeing business.




If you can surf the internet, use Facebook and send an email you will be able to follow the steps in this course to get your business online


Who should do this course?

This is course is suitable for anyone who has completed a Mind Body Education training course (with any training provider) and who wants to gain the skills and knowledge required to set up and run a successful holistic business, online. 

This course is suitable for beginners with very limited technical ability. 

You will need internet access and a computer. 

You do not have to come to the weekly Zoom meetings as they will be recorded and you can watch them later, however, it will greatly benefit you to attend. 

Naturally, places are limited and this course is in high demand. 

Who is the teacher?

Isabelle Cunningham-Doolan will be your guide and mentor throughout this course. 

Isabelle has more than 30 years experience as a holistic therapist and has been training holistic practitioners in a range of modalities for more than 12 years. 

She is the author of several international industry-approved training courses which are offered through more than 20 independent training organizations worldwide. 

For more than a decade, Isabelle has operated her very successful training organization online and is dedicated to helping people who have a passion to help others heal, succeed in making their personal and professional dreams come true. 

You will also benefit from the wisdom of several other experienced teachers who are also successful online practitioners. 

Course Fees and Start Date.

Next course commencement date July 5th 2021

The live (one-hour Zoom meeting) component of this course,
will be held 
 every Monday at;  
6 pm in Brisbane 
7 pm in Sydney
4 pm in WA
6.30 pm in SA
7 pm in Tasmania 
8 am in London 
9 pm in New Zealand

 You should be able to claim your course fee as a business expense!
 Talk to your bookkeeper or accountant. 

Pay in full on enrolment

We have created this course to assist holistic wellness practitioners during this very challenging time. 

 We have set the course fee as low as possible,  to reflect the importance we place on making this course accessible to all who need it. 

 AUD $990 (Includes GST)

Weekly payment plan

We hope this payment plan makes taking part in this course more accessible to you. 

Paid on enrolment AUD $77

Weekly payment x 12 weeks = AUD $77 (these amounts include GST) Total = 13 payments of $77 = $1,001

Your payment plan will begin as soon as you enrol via PayPal or through your credit or debit card.