Our Courses

Our internationally industry-recognized and award-winning holistic training courses are offered through independent approved training providers all over the world online and on-campus.

Our courses are industry accredited, internationally approved, evidence-based and suitable for people of all cultural backgrounds.
Our course graduates can join professional organizations and get insurance to practice
in 24 countries.

Enroll in a course

Please choose a licensed training provider to enquire about course fees, commencement dates and to enroll in a course. 
The Meditation Teacher, Holistic Empowerment Coach & Holistic Counsellor Program
Our internationally industry-approved series of practitioner training courses are offered online and on-campus all over the world. From meditation teachers, stress management consultants, and empowerment coaches to holistic counsellors, these courses are client centred and evidence-based. 
The Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Practitioner Training Program
Through a wide variety of creative modalities, this science-based program trains professional practitioners in the use of creativity to facilitate healing on all levels; mental, emotional and physical. This course is internationally industry-approved and offered online and on-campus all over the world. 
Mind Body Education