You Can Help Save The World

We can help you make a massive positive difference in the world.

If you feel passionate about saving the environment, protecting animals or helping heal the human race, you could make an amazing difference by channelling all that passion and energy away from all that is wrong and toward making a real and lasting positive change. 

 The only way the world can change
is for all of humanity to wake up. 

So many people are sleepwalking through life, switched off and disconnected. When we provide information and skills that help people connect with their best self, we are waking up humanity and, one by one, each person becomes a catalyst for real and lasting positive change. 

 In the last 12 years, Isabelle has trained more than 2,500 holistic therapists who have, in turn,  stepped into their communities as healers, teachers and peaceful warriors, helping people awaken, heal and live happier, healthier, more conscious lives. 

Those graduates are changing the world

 Mind Body Education trained 200 holistic therapists in 2020 and two of the training providers, who offer our courses through their own training colleges, also trained 200 holistic practitioners each. Ten other training providers each had around 100 graduates. That is 1,600 holistic therapists that stepped into the world after completing a Mind Body Education training course last year. 

 If each of the training providers, who offer our courses,  don't grow at all (which is unlikely) and they only do exactly what they have already done (during a pandemic and through lockdowns!) there will be another 1,600 new holistic therapists stepping into the world this year and every year. In ten years that will be 16,000. 

If each therapist sees 100 clients in a year (that is only 2 a week) they will have seen 1,600,000 people in a year. That is one and a half million people who will have been provided with the support, guidance and skills to become a conscious creator in their own lives. 

Once people begin to take responsibility for themselves and their lives they treat other people, other creatures and the world
very differently.

 The reason our therapists are so effective in helping people change their lives is that we don’t train therapists to diagnose, prescribe or advise.  We don’t think it’s possible for anyone to fully understand a lifetime of experiences and belief systems in another person. 

We do believe it is possible to teach people how to fully
understand, accept and heal themselves. 

Our therapists are more like mentors who provide support, skills and wisdom to help each client take control of their own damage and their own healing. And it works! 

 Our courses bring together the works of great scientists, scholars, psychologists, biologists, medical doctors, spiritual leaders and personal development coaches to create an evidence-based, hands-on, personally applicable program that is easy to understand, empowering and ultimately, life-changing. 

 If you want to help change the world, open your own holistic therapist training organization and start training the holistic therapists that will help heal humanity.