Sponsorship Program for New Training Providers
Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy

We can help you establish your own industry-approved, holistic therapist training organization.

You could be training Holistic  Integrated Creative Arts Therapists using this fantastic, industry-approved course that makes a real difference in peoples lives. 

Build a fantastic lifestyle for yourself.

Make a great income.

Have fun teaching in a classroom environment, close to home.

Contribute to a better world.

Sponsorship for New HICAT Training Providers

We are showing our commitment to helping heal humanity by providing sponsorship, for people like you, to start your own holistic therapist training organization with all the training, support, courses and resources provided for you, without the usual financial investment until your new training organization can afford to pay the licensing fee from its own profits.


You can make a fantastic income and work the hours you choose while making a huge positive difference in the world.


Connect with a company who knows the industry. 

 We have been providing internationally industry-approved training courses for holistic therapists since 2008.


People have always been required to pay their licensing fee in full, prior to starting as a Mind Body Education Training Provider. This is because we put a lot of time and effort into helping Training Providers get their new training organizations up and running, 

 But now we are ready to take a risk and help you become a Mind Body Education Training Provider with your own new training organization and you do not have to pay the licensing fee until you have secured enough enrolments to pay the fees...and we will help you achieve that too.

Our internationally industry-approved training courses are offered through more than 20 independent training providers around the world.

There has never been a better time to start a holistic training organization

The Diploma in Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy

This course requires one class per week for six months. 

You can offer one course in one location once a week, twice a year - or you can offer courses in several locations in your own state at the same time. 

Teach on-campus anywhere in your home state

All of our courses are evidence-based and internationally industry approved.

Your graduates will be able to join professional organizations, get insurance and practice legally. 

We are recruiting new Training Providers NOW

 Limited positions
Minimal financial outlay
Maximum guidance and support
Unlimited Potential

Applications close April 30th 2021
or when all available positions are filled.
The program begins May 3rd 2021. 

You will be provided with a step-by-step plan. 

If you follow the plan, your new holistic training organization should be all set up and making an income in three months. 

 All this without you needing to pay the normal licensing fee upfront. 

 You will pay your first annual licensing fee once you have actually made enough to pay it from your new college. All you will need to pay upfront is AUD$1,000 to cover the cost of your training and to show that you are as committed to your success as we are. 

 We don't think there is any other program in the world where you can invest $1,000 and end up with your own industry-approved training organization. Buying or setting up a business can cost hundreds of thousands and that doesn't include having a mentor to support you through a step-by-step process (that is tried and tested) to help get your new training organization up and running. 

 By August 1st 2021 you could be working full time (or part-time if you prefer) in your own holistic training organization. 

 You will be making the income you want and working the hours you choose. 

 You will be working in a field that aligns with your passion, having fun, and best of all, you will be helping hundreds (and hundreds) of people live happier and healthier lives.

The Sponsorship Program

During the three-month sponsorship period, we will assist you to set up your business and show you how to start attracting enrolments to your new training organization.
  • We will help you create your website 
  • Show you how to set up your social media platforms 
  • Mentor you with marketing your courses and attracting new students 
  •  Provide you with industry approval badges for the courses you will offer with the IICT and the IMTTA 
  •  Give you genuine testimonials about the courses from actual course graduates for your website and marketing 
  • Hold your hand as much as you need us to


You will have a one-hour Zoom mentoring session with Isabelle to discuss all your questions and make sure you are heading in the right direction. 

 There is a group Zoom mentoring session every week, to provide guidance and help you stay on track. 

 Unlimited access to email support any time you need help. 

 Exclusive Facebook group where you can communicate with other Training Providers in the Sponsorship Program, ask questions and communicate with program mentors.


During your three months sponsored period, you will have access to some fantastic training courses. 

 Working through these courses will help you set up your business, create your own website (it is easier than you think!), start building your Social media platforms, start marketing your courses and prepare to be an excellent teacher.

 COURSE 1 - Basic website building for beginners - Learn to create your own beautiful website in one weekend! Includes enrolment forms and payment platforms. 

 COURSE 2- Social Media - Learn to set up your Social Media pages; discover how to create great adverts and boosted posts and start attracting people to join your community.

 COURSE 3- Marketing Magic - Learn how to use educational marketing techniques to attract students and have fun marketing your business.

 COURSE 4 - Online Business - Learn how to use Zoom classrooms and take your business completely online. 

 COURSE 5 - Teacher Training - Learn (or polish up your) teaching skills and gain the confidence to deliver all the courses and be the best teacher your students could hope for.


  • All the information about the courses you will be offering for your website and marketing. 
  • Legal information for your state and terms and conditions for your enrolment forms. 
  • Course manuals for your potential students to download.

    No previous experience is required.

     We can teach you everything you need to know.

     You just need the commitment to create your own holistic training organization and help hundreds of people improve their own lives.

If you want to make
a difference in the world
 this is for you

This program commences on Monday, April 5th 2021.
 Once the sponsorship period is up on June 30th 2021 you will have two options.

Option One

If you have followed the plan and taken enough enrolments to pay your IPL fee, you will become a Licensed Training Provider.

Option Two

If you have not managed to generate enough enrolments to pay your licensing fee, we will help you exit your business plan. Your students will be offered the opportunity to transfer to another college to begin the same course or receive a full refund of any fees they have paid you. You will have to be certain not to spend any of the fees you are paid until your sponsorship period is up. You will be able to keep your website and social media platforms of course.

Nothing ventured
Nothing gained!

When you complete the sponsorship period successfully and you have taken enough enrolments to pay your fee (and we hope a lot more too), you will become a Licensed Training Provider. That will be time to celebrate! You should also be able to claim everything you have spent setting up your business including your fees, on your tax (you will need to talk to your accountant about that). You will be able to renew your Intellectual Property License each year.

Becoming a Licensed Training Provider

When you reach the end of your sponsorship period and pay your course fees. 

Courses and resources

You will receive access to the course and resources so you can begin providing them to your new students. 

 You will be provided with an online delivery platform and all the resources you need to deliver the courses and assess the students' course work.

Industry Approval

Your training organization will become an internationally industry-approved training provider with the IICT, the CMA and the IMTTA. We will pay your annual membership fees for you.

Training & Ongoing Support

Your success will always be our number one priority! 

 We will continue to provide support for you whenever you need it.:
Weekly Zoom mentoring sessions.
Exclusive social media support group
Unlimited email support

If you have not already completed the Diploma in Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy, we will provide the course for you to complete under the guidance of the Faculty Supervisor and help you stay ahead of your students. 

This training providers license will allow you to offer the Diploma in Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy through your own independent training organization. 

In a face-to-face environment (on-campus) anywhere at all in your own state of Australia. 

All Mind Body Education courses are internationally industry-approved through the IICT

You will be able to display this logo on your website to help promote your courses to potential students. 

You will become an IICT approved training provider

Once your sponsorship period has ended and you have become a training provider, you will receive IICT approved training provider status.

All of your course graduates will be able to join the IICT, CMA, IMTTA. IPHM and the HICAT Association and get professional insurance. 

Invest in yourself and the future

Your initial investment, under the New Training Providers Sponsorship Program, is AUD$1,100 
this includes GST.

You will also need to invest at least 15 hours a week for three months to complete your training courses and set up your business. 

 The fee you will need to pay after you successfully move beyond the sponsorship period and have generated enough income to pay it  
is  AUD$10,000 plus GST = a Total of $11,000.

As an independent training provider, you will choose the course fees for your own college. On average the HICAT course fee is $2,000 (plus GST). 

The average class size is 20 students per intake. 

You only need five students to pay your annual license fee. 


We will walk beside you all the way.

Limited Places Available

We have a limited number of on-campus (face-to-face) Licenses
available in the following states of Australia: 

South Australia 
Western Australia 
New South Wales 

There are a limited number of licenses available in each location to provide a level of exclusivity, ensuring the best chances of success for all training providers.