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Clinical Counselling Practice

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Clinical Practice in Holistic Counselling Skills Course & The Holistic Counselling Skills Case Studies Exam. 

50 hours of supervised clinical practice is an industry requirement for Holistic Counsellor Training. 

During this course, each student will need to secure five volunteer counselling clients.

The clients cannot be a personal friend or a member of the student’s family.

Knowing how to attract clients is an important skill for holistic counsellors. 

Below are some ways you can help your students secure these clients.

  • You could add an extra dimension to your training organization and set up a free counselling service for the general public on your website. This will allow you to provide clients if any student is unable to secure their own clients. It will also attract potential new students who have an interest in holistic counselling. We build our community and reputation when we provide high-value free content and services. 
  • You could offer a free counselling service to your other students and graduates, and their friends and family members. 
  • You could advise your students in a much earlier stage of their training to begin looking for clients for this module. 
  • You could place adverts on your social media pages offering free holistic counselling with your students. 
  • You or your students could approach organizations like neighbourhood or community centres to offer free holistic counselling services to people with specific needs like single parents, for example. 
  • Your students could each bring 5 friends and family members as clients to the program and then those clients could be allocated to another student-counsellor they do not know. 

Welcome to the Training Providers Dashboard for Clinical Practice in Holistic Counselling Skills Course.

Everything you need to deliver this course is right here!

This delivery package includes the Holistic Counselling Case Studies Exam. 
  • This course is unit three and four in the Masters in Holistic Counselling
  • Pre-requisite: Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development and the Postgraduate Certificate in Holistic Counselling Skills. 
  • Full course = 60 hours - Clinical practice
  •  5 counselling clients x 10 hours each 
  • 10 hours of classroom time 
  •  Delivery mode: On-campus/face-to-face (including Zoom classroom). 

Please do not provide login details or passwords to this dashboard to any other person including your students - It is for Training Providers and their teaching team only - Thank you.

 Your Teach with Me Series Kit for this course includes:

1. Couse plan and teachers notes. 
 2. Students notes – to print out and give to your student (or email to them if you are using Zoom or online delivery)
 3. Student submission form template – to email to your students
 4. Client feedback form template – to email to students.
5. Assessment record – to help you record your students progress
6. Module assessment guide – to help you assess your student’s course work
7. Module assessment sheet template – to fill in and email to your student to provide feedback on their progress through the course.
 8. Case studies exam - to email to your students
 9. Exam assessment guide – to help you assess your student’s course work
10. Exam assessment sheet template – to fill in and email to your student to provide their exam results.  

Teachers Resources 

Couse plan and teachers notes

Assessment record

Module assessment guide

Module assessment sheet template


Students Resources

Students Notes

 Student submission form template

 Client feedback form template

Case Studies Exam Resources 

Case studies exam 

 Exam assessment guide 

 Exam assessment sheet template