Training Providers Induction Program


You have made a fantastic decision to become an independent training provider of holistic therapies, using the Mind Body Education courses. 

You are soon going to be in the position of being able to assist hundreds (even thousands) of people to develop successful careers in the holistic therapies industry. 

Your graduates will be able to go out into the world fully qualified and internationally recognized, where they will be able to guide and support thousands of more people on their healing journey. 

We believe this is a very effective way to help bring about positive change in the world.

Thank you for choosing to be the change you want to see in the world. 

Welcome to the Training Providers Sponsorship Dashboard

This is where you will find all of your training materials throughout your three month training period.

There will be a new "to-do list" added for you each week. 
You will need to complete the tasks on the list within the week.
You will be able to fit these tasks into your 15 hours of time, you have dedicated to building your business. 
If you have any problems or questions, please contact us immediately for assistance so as not to fall behind. 

There will be two Zoom meetings each week in different time slots to suit participants in different places around the world. 
We encourage you to prioritize attending one of these meetings (the one in your time zone). 
If it is impossible for you to attend the meeting, you will be able to watch a replay on the "Be The Change - MBE Training Providers Sponsorship program Facebook group". 


If you have not joined the Be The Change - MBE Training Providers Sponsorship program Face book group, please do so now. 
We will use the group to stay in touch with you on a day-to-day basis and to remind you to attend the Zoom meetings. 

Training Provider Sponsorship Program

During your three months sponsored period, you will be working through
some important training courses.

These courses will help you set up your business, create your own website, start building your social media platforms, begin marketing your courses, start taking enrolments
and prepare to be an excellent teacher.

 Basic website building

 Learn to create your own beautiful website in one weekend! Includes enrolment forms and payment platforms.

Social Media & Marketing Magic 

Learn to set up your Social Media pages; discover how to create great adverts and boosted posts and start attracting people to join your community.

Learn how to use educational marketing techniques to attract students and have fun marketing your business.

Online Business & Teacher Training 

Learn how to use your online course delivery platform and Zoom classrooms and take your business completely online.

 Learn (or polish up your) teaching skills and gain the confidence to deliver all the courses and be the best teacher your students could hope for. 

Zoom Meetings

Your next Zoom meeting is: 

Australia - QLD time: 
Every Thursday at 7 pm

UK & Europe -London time: 
Every Thursday at 10 am

Your tasks for week one.

Attend this weeks Zoom meeting (see dates and times above) or watch the replay on the Facebook page if you could not attend. 

We will be talking about the things to keep in mind when designing your training organizations new website. 

We will also talk about important things to keep in mind when choosing a name for your training organization. 

Search for images for your website.

There are many places you can find free royalty-free images and you can also purchase images to use on your website. You cannot just take images from google images or Facebook or any other website as this may break copyright laws Try a Google search for "Free Royalty-Free Images" Find around 10 images you like and save them in a folder on your computer.

Creating your logo.

Start thinking about how you want your logo to look.
Remember a picture is worth a thousand words so make sure your logo really represents the "flavour" of your training organization. 
Consider how the logo will look when it is very small - like in a web browser or on a business card. 

You could hire someone to create your logo or you can create your own online. 

Google search for "create my logo online."
Some of these services are free and some have a small fee. 

Keep it simple. 
Choose colours you are happy to carry through your branding. 

Register your business name.

You will need to register your business name and purchase your domain name. 

Please Google search "How to register my business name in (your country)". 

Planning your website - do some soul searching (keep notes). 

Why do you want to start a holistic wellbeing training business? 
What will make your business unique? 
Why would people come to YOU specifically to do your courses? 
If your business was a person, please describe this person’s personality in 3-5 words.

Creating your web site content

Please keep an eye on your inbox! 
We will be emailing you a questionnaire to complete that will help you to start creating the context for your web site. 

Please check your junk mail if you don't receive it by Thursday. 

Your tasks for week two.

Attend this weeks Zoom meeting.

Please watch the replay on the Facebook group for both the meetings if you could not attend.

Getting started on your website.

Watch the tutorial below on how to get started with GoDaddy.
Then,  set up your GoDaddy account - start a free account for the moment.  

Choose your theme. Enter your business name and logos. Create a page for each of the pages you want to have (and have written text for). Insert the text you have written on all pages Insert the images you have found on all pages. Insert your contact details in your footer and contact page

Purchase your domain name.

It is recommended to consider whether you will be operating your business locally or internationally when deciding on which domain to purchase.

If you are a local, on-campus business - it is recommended to purchase the domain with your country’s extension (ie.
If you are operating internationally, it is recommended to purchase a globally recognised extension if possible (ie. .com, .org). You can also purchase both options and have one redirected to the other. 

Please watch the tutorial below and learn how to purchase your domain name. 


If you don't already have a PayPal account please open one now. Please see the tutorial below. 


 Please open a JotForm account (free is fine) and start practising to make your enrolment form. Please see the tutorial below. 

Share and polish! 

Share a preview with friends to obtain feedback.
Once happy, publish your site and connect your domain.

Choose a plan that you feel sits right with your needs, however, we would recommend starting with a Basic or Standard plan.
You can always upgrade later.

Once your website is live, share the link in our Facebook group. Please give feedback to each other's new website.